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Spreader Bar Fishing

In this feature I look at how to use spreader bars, how to construct your own and the species you’re most likely to catch when using them.

Bending into the blue with a Greys 12wt fly rod was great fun!

Rigging Fly Tackle for Blue Sharks

In my last blog I wrote about how I fulfilled a long held ambition of mine to catch a blue shark on the fly. In this feature I take a look at the end tackle I used to do just that.

Crab baits

Bait – Timing is Everything

It’s pretty obvious that some baits will wash out their scent faster than others after casting out. As a consequence, the more experienced anglers are constantly monitoring the time their baits are left in the water.

How Barometric Pressure Effects Fish

One of the best tools an angler can buy is a barometer. It does not need to be anything fancy or expensive, just a serviceable clock type barometer. These need to be positioned though, on an internal outside facing wall to get accurate readings. Some of the new “weather stations” available are also good.